COVID-19 Protocol

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FORMA would like to provide a safe work environment for all its clients and crews during these unusual times.

FORMA's COVID-19 preparedness safety plan is based on CDC and Minnesota's executive order 20-48. Photographers, crews, and clients all need to take responsibility for implementing this plan.

Must be signed by Photographer or Producer before rental.

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  1. Require all work to be done remotely that can be.
  2. Keep crews under 10 people


  1. Anyone with a fever or any symptoms of COVID-19 is NOT permitted into the studio regardless of booking status.
  2. Anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 is NOT permitted into the studio regardless of booking status
  3. All visitors must have temperature checked upon arrival and documented by either Photographer or Producer. FORMA will provide an infrared thermometer if requested.
  4. FORMA reserves the right to determine on-site working eligibility for anyone entering the studio.

  1. Crews and clients are encouraged to practice safe social distancing outside the studio in order to prevent potential COVID-19 exposure prior to entering FORMA.
  2. Limit of 10 people in FORMA
  3. Remote teams when possible (client, retouching)
  4. Lunch seating will be every other chair
  5. Office seating will be every other chair
  6. Maintain safe distance onset
  7. Masks will be required to be worn and will be provided if necessary.

  1. Proper hand washing
    • Lather all parts of your hands
    • Scrub for atleast 20 seconds
    • Rinse under clean water
    • Dry hands with paper towels
  2. Key times to wash hands
    • Before, during and after preparing food
    • Before eating
    • After using the restroom
    • After blowing your nose, couching or sneezing
    • After touching garbage
    • After being in a public place and touching items or surfaces
    • Before touching your face
  3. Use hand sanitizer when you can't use soap and water

  1. FORMA will disinfect the studio and gear prior to rental